Mies Van Der Rohe
Barcelona Pavilion

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CH-25 Easy Chair by Hans Wegner, 1950. Manufactured by Carl Hansen & Søn, Denmark. Photo copyright by Scandinavian Collectors 2014. Material papercord and teak.

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Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan by Tadao Ando

The Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art (兵庫県立美術館 Hyōgo Kenritsu Bijutsukan?) is a purpose built municipal art gallery in Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. It was opened in 2002.
The major collections of the museum are foreign and Japanese sculptures, foreign and Japanese prints, Western-style and Japanese-style paintings associated with Hyogo Prefecture, Japanese greatworks in modern era, and contemporary art.
The building of the museum is a modern, concrete construction by famed architect Tadao Ando.

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‘Contextual Section for a Studio House’

Herman Ang.

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José María Sáez & Daniel Moreno Flores - Casa Algarrobos, Puembo 2011. The house is structured and formed around 8 identical steel members 18 meters (~59 feet) long that are rotated along the x, y, and z axis. Via, photos (C) Sebastian Crespo.


Shining armor


Barcelona marble.


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Summer Cabin 4:12

Imanna Arkitekter


trigonal animal artworks by Kaan Bagci

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